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Published Books

I have been creating and publishing low-content books for a while now, but God has set me on a new exciting adventure!  I hope to show children the love he has for them and help teach them to love themselves.

I Am.

I Am. is my first published children's book. This rhyming tale follows a young girl throughout her day. When daily struggles arise, she remembers her daily positive affirmations which give her the confidence she needs to overcome them.

By reading this story to your children, you instill positive affirmations in them that can last a lifetime.

When my daughter started kindergarten, she had some trouble adjusting. I started having her say these exact affirmations every morning on the way to school. Four years later, and I still remind her to say these to herself. I hope to build a confidence in her that no one can take away.

As her mama, I want her to know God made her incredibly unique and she is loved very much.


  It is published through Amazon KDP and available for purchase on Amazon.  


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Book #2

I am currently working on my second book!  

Stay Tuned!!

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